Mindfulness for Gardeners

Spring can be so busy, so hectic, that it’s a challenge for me to remember to slow down and just appreciate the beauty that surrounds me. As a society we can be so driven by what needs to be done. It is, however, also important to remember to just be.

This year the oak tree in my garden has been my companion, and right now the bright green leaves are covering the tree, where just a few weeks ago it was totally bare.

oak leaves

Likewise the blueberry bushes, which have traditionally not given much fruit, for the first time are flowering profusely. I can’t help but visit this little shrub each day, just to watch the flowers unfold, and check the weeds aren’t encroaching too far.


Veronika van Duin is the author of the book “Homemaking and Personal Development”, which is packed full of meditation exercises for daily life. It’s a good introduction to a style of meditation that comes from an Anthroposophical outlook on life. As a gardener, one of the very last suggestions in this little book is my favourite:

Take a plant, or tree outside. 
Practise looking at it every day throughout the year and note the changes.

You will in time begin to be more aware of inner aspects of people, life and events, and how they relate to you and your own purpose in life.

Do you have a plant companion?

Do you make time to connect with nature each day?


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