Before & After: Shady herb garden

This garden posed a conundrum, as we pondered the shady environment, and saw how the thriving thyme at one end of the deck slowly changed to barely there thyme at the other end. 21615990_10155620765902159_6467043973344095765_n

Fortunately, the other parts of this property include a fabulous sunny garden that is all set to become an urban food forest. Hence, any crops requiring full sun can easily be relocated. We spent an hour weeding and tidying, laying mulch, planting some camellias that can be trained into a hedge shape, and lo and behold it was time to go. Weeding can be deceptively time-consuming!


Luckily, the resident gardener was engaged enough to plod on with the work alone, and the final ‘after’ picture is below – all set for some more companion planting to go in for a pleasing and functional outdoor dining area with adjacent flower and herb garden bed.

The next step? Propagating lavender from cuttings. Here are some instructions from Gardeners’

Happy Gardening,