An odd equation…

I’ve often looked at these bags, and wondered why people don’t process their own garden waste in their gardens. I always have, even in a tiny garden, and treasure the compost which results from green matter that I know is not in the least bit chemically treated or tainted. So there are likely to be weed seeds in the compost – well, I weed my garden no matter what, right?


Then I look at these products, and have lately been contemplating this as a phenomenon.

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 1.21.49 pm

Households pay someone to come and take away their green waste. They also buy compost for their gardens in plastic bags. The plastic bags become rubbish, and the bagged compost doesn’t last very long at all.

Someone, somewhere in the middle maybe even two or three people are getting paid at different stages of this composting process. As a business model it’s really quite genius! But really, is it necessary?

If you as a household would like to cut back both of the expenses above, then how about learning to improve your urban composting techniques? It doesn’t need to take up much space, and providing you are wise about where and how to deal with your food scraps, you won’t be infested with rodents.

Here at Katrina’s Kitchen Garden, we recommend traditional compost heaps, or the cost-effective ‘3-pallet’ model, black compost bins, worm farms, bokashi bins, and also hügelkultr to process your green waste. Call us for advice and coaching in this, and you’ll be helping to make our waste stream as a society more efficient.


(The above image is courtesy of The Perennial Post)

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