Onion Weed – edible, and really quite yummy

I was at a farmers market recently, and learned that Onion Weed is edible. Once I got home, I had to try it, and was so pleasantly surprised by the flavour that I’ve been nibbling away for a few weeks now.

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Have you ever tried it? If not, please go and have a taste. It seems to be everywhere at the moment. (Tip: be careful it’s not from an area that has been sprayed for weeds or frequented by dogs.)

I’ve been using it a lot like a spring onion, and also using the flowers for a garnish on dishes.

Another idea:

Sauerkraut with onion weed, from ‘Julia’s Edible Weeds’: http://www.juliasedibleweeds.com/edible-weeds-flowers/onion-weed/

And finally, a fabulous pesto recipe from ‘The Rubbish Trip’, which I actually got to taste – it was devine! Hannah Blumhardt and Liam Prince are the enthusiastic duo behind The Rubbish Trip, and I had the pleasure of meeting the this week at the Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School. Their presentation was extremely professional, comprehensive and up-to-date, and even contained sections specific to my region of West Auckland.

(I can’t find the recipe on their website, but I’m sure it’ll be up there soon!)

Happy foraging,