Closed Loop Urban Biodynamic Farm in West Auckland: CLUB Farming is born

There is definitely a change in consciousness happening across the world. People are waking up to the fact that resources have been depleted through rampant greed. Certainly young people have decided that something if not everything needs to change. Katrina’s Kitchen Garden wants to be part of that change. We are inspired by the phrase Think Global Act Local. The Closed Loop Urban Biodynamic Farm in Titirangi is our response.

The business gurus told us that we needed to focus on one mission. We can’t. Our mission would cease to be our mission if it failed to address any part of what we hope to achieve. Our mission includes our environmental goals and our social impact goals. They are inseparable.

Our environmental goal is to create one or hopefully more than one closed loop community. We would like 30 to 50 families to join our loop. Our Urban Farm is growing and will continue to grow thanks to the generosity of homeowners and volunteers. This is a new concept and we are still finding our feet whilst being determined to fly. We are growing biodynamic fruit, vegetables, salads and edible flowers. We would supply a weekly box of produce to each family.

Each family would save their food waste and we would collect this. The waste would go into the eight bath worm farm. The worm farm would produce the castings that form the majority of our seed mix. The biodynamic seed mix will start the growth cycle that supplies the produce for the loop. Food grown in the neighbourhood with love and no sprays or chemicals. Regenerative soil management adds to the environmental advantages of this community action plan.

Our social goal is to support young people to learn how to grow food. We are working with Oaklynn Special School to give real work experience and gardening know how to their senior students. The progress these students have achieved this year has been nothing short of magical. We are also opening our doors to other young people from local schools to attend school holiday training and after school training. We also have a dynamic volunteer base that is learning with us.

We are still developing our ideas and would welcome any advice or feedback. We will start selling our “Boxes of Love” when the crops are ready to harvest, but will have plenty of produce before that so could maybe start earlier for some people.

Some options you might choose to support us with

  1. If you live nearby or visit the Titirangi area, are you interested in becoming part of the loop and buying a weekly “Box of Love”?
  2. What would you like us to grow?
  3. Would you like to volunteer with us?
  4. Would you like any of your children in our training, holiday or after school projects?
  5. Do you have any other ideas or suggestions?

The healthy social life is found
when in the mirror of each human soul
the whole community finds its reflection,
and when in the community
the virtue of each individual is living.
-Rudolf Steiner-

Are you striving to achieve a similar mission in your community? Would you like to collaborate, share ideas, and spread the word on the potential CLUB Farming offers? Please join our Facebook Group and contribute to the conversation.

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