Introducing Katrina & Steve of Katrina’s Kitchen Garden

– by Katrina Wolff and Steve McCarthy

Katrina’s Kitchen Garden is the result of a collaboration between Katrina Wolff and Steve McCarthy. We are both passionate about the mission of this Social Enterprise, which is to (a) create an urban farm to grow food for our community using biodynamic principles and (b) to develop gardening skills in young people so that one day there will be urban farmers working in Titirangi and throughout New Zealand, being paid the living wage or more.

There are many possible ways to achieve our mission, and we bring complimentary approaches. One of the Maori proverbs we use is Nau te rourou, naku te rourou ka ora te Iwi or with your food basket and my food basket everyone will be fed. You could say the unique blend of our two backgrounds was needed to make this endeavour possible.

Katrina is a passionate gardener and is extending her own home gardening practices out into the wider community. The Foodscaping arm of the business is how she takes her love of growing food and teaches other households to maximise their food-growing capacity, while retaining an aesthetically pleasing garden space. Katrina is a member of the Biodynamic Association and also the Anthroposophical Society. She brings her interest in applying spiritual science to the task of growing food.

If you see pictures of compost, flowers, bees, cow manure, reference to elemental beings in the earth, or the influence of outer planets on plant health then these are likely from Katrina.

Steve is from Scotland and grew up in poverty with his seven sisters and two brothers. He brings a wealth of experience in Social Work, Trade Unionism and Specialist Education. Years of working with vulnerable people in many different settings have driven Steve to want a better world for everyone. He has experience of management and governance and brings this to Katrina’s Kitchen Garden operations. Steve is a fully registered teacher.

If you see sociopolitical posts or humorous posts then these are likely to be from Steve.

Whilst we speak with different tongues and from different backgrounds and belief systems we are both fully committed to the mission. We believe that the success of Katrina’s Kitchen Garden is predicated upon our different skills and passions. Being different, we don’t necessarily agree on everything so if you are a friend of one or other of us you might be surprised by one of our posts. If so it was probably from the other one of us.

The healthy social life is found
when in the mirror of each human soul
the whole community finds its reflection, 
and when in the community
the virtue of each individual is living. 

Screenshot 2018-01-28 03.19.37

Cover photo by EcoMatters Environment Trust


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