Volunteerism: An essential element in sustainability

These goals seem obvious yet as a world we are so far away from achieving them. It is going to take an army of change agents to meet any one of these goals.
As a young man I was determined to be part of a revolution that would bring an end to the injustice that brought about the need for these goals. As an older man I now believe that the time for the type of revolution I once envisaged, is no longer possible.
Instead we need to Think Global and Act Local.
Social revolutionaries need to find a vehicle to support self sustaining communities. This vehicle must be an all terrain vehicle that adapts to different environments. No rulebook that says one size fits all. No righteous criticism of less pure attempts at change than your own perfect plan.
At Katrina’s Kitchen Garden we are blown away by the volunteers that have flocked to our banner. Urban Farming supporting local families with a deliberate philosophy of supporting vulnerable young adults.
We are not tackling all of the goals and neither should anyone that hopes to have success. We have to rely on the strength of all of us to bring about change. Already there are many vehicles that volunteers can fuel. Charities and Social Enterprises are always in need of fuel. Without fuel how can we hope to start a fire.
I know how frustrated I was as a young man fighting a fight I knew, in my heart, I would never win. The difference now is that our planet cannot afford us the luxury of not fighting back.
We welcome volunteers to support us growing our part in the change we need to see happening. We welcome volunteers, who would rather focus on others of the UN Goals, to volunteer with other agents of change. Good luck.
If you have the time and an idea. . . be brave and have a go at starting something new, and ask for help. Our hopes and dreams go with you.
We welcome anyone, with the heart, to Think Global and Act Local.