How Much Room Do You Need To Grow Food. . . Not much.


How much room do you need to grow food? Maybe as little as a balcony or small yard. In Auckland the Unitary Plan is allowing for more high density housing. At Katrina’s Kitchen Garden we are so committed to composting and growing food that we are trialling new methods of achieving both in smaller and smaller situations.

Steve’s place is a brick and tile unit, the likes of which are very common in Auckland. His garden is six by twenty metres. Small but bigger than a balcony. More and more gardens are being reduced to this size.

In his garden hugel beds have replaced lawn and garden fences support vertical gardening. It is remarkable how much can be produced in such a small section.


Back in his large Gisborne property fruit and nut trees went unharvested due to being out of sight out of mind. In a smaller property you can’t miss the strawberries going red or the raspberries ripening. Edible flowers mingle in with up to forty other edibles. Only yesterday Steve noticed basil thriving between the cracks of the few tiles left for a dining table.



basil in paving


This cornucopia of organic goodness has transformed Steve’s eating habits. It’s about ten steps each way from the kitchen to whatever herb or vegetable might add to or be the next meal. Scrambled eggs are so much better with chopped chives or even a sprinkling of chive flowers.


Saag Aloo may not taste that different when cooked straight from the garden but maybe it does. It’s certainly full of nutrition and couldn’t be any fresher. Even the most reluctant or fussy eater might be more willing to eat food they have helped to grow.

Katrina’s Kitchen Garden would love to get you started. That first step, the decision to do something is always the hardest. Make that leap, message us, and let us make the rest easier.