When the moon is descending…

by Katrina Wolff

When the moon goes into a descending phase, the activities at Katrina’s Kitchen Garden change in focus. This is the very best time to spread the horn manure preparation (BD500), and also to build hot compost piles and add compost preparations (BD502-507).

The effect on the earth when the moon is descending is much like a long in-breath: the energy from the moon is being pulled into the earth, which is the very best time to be working with soil in the manner of adding energetic elements that we want to be taken into the soil.

This is well explained here: https://www.calendrier-lunaire.fr/en/the-moon/the-ascending-and-descending-moon/

There is a similar rhythm each day, as the sun goes down, the earth breathes energy in, and then in the morning it breathes this out.

In a more stretched out sense, the season of winter is an in breath, and summer is breathing out.

Biodynamics works with each and every one of these rhythms, as well as many more.


Want to learn more? Harvests Magazine is a publication edited by the Biodynamic Association of New Zealand, and has many articles showing how biodynamic practitioners in New Zealand interpret the work of Rudolf Steiner in agriculture. There are biodynamic Facebook groups, and regional groups that run workshops, reading groups, and practical gardening sessions.

Here at Katrina’s Kitchen Garden, we welcome volunteers to come and learn in a hands on way. Please let us know if you’d like to be emailed when these are scheduled.

Our descending moon phase for March 2018 is: 8pm Sunday March 12th through to 3pm Sunday March 25th.

We’ll host a BD500 stir on Tuesday March 13th from 4:30pm in the afternoon. After the hour of stirring, we’ll distribute this tonic over the gardens we tend, and give some to others in the area as well. Then, on Friday March 16th we will make a biodynamic compost pile in our regular Friday urban farm training session, which starts from 9am.  The more the merrier! Please join us.